Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Hunch a personal recommendation service, has surveyed 15,818 of its users to determine the average demographic, personality, and lifestyle of iPhone vs Android consumers. The survey even probed differences between snack and cereal choices between the two types of users (iPhone users apparently prefer Malbec and Chianti when it comes to wine. Android users opt for Shiraz and Moscato.).

Of the users surveyed by Hunch, Android users were more likely to be men, ages 18-34 who lean to the right politically. Conversely, iOS users tend to be women over 35 years old and are "17 percent more likely to be politically liberal," according to Hunch's data. 

It's important to note that Hunch's survey does not offer a complete picture of smartphone users. Among the people Hunch surveyed, 32 percent reported using a smartphone running Apple's iOS platform, while 21 percent said they use Google's Android. Hunch also painted a brief portrait of the types of users that opt for other operating systems. One commenter named "Alliedcvil" said, "I have been an Android user for a very long time now and none of the statistics actually apply to me or the other Android users I know". 

For more on Android vs. iPhone users, check out this recent study conducted by Jumptap showing which U.S. states prefer certain mobile operating systems. iPhone vs. Android is the new Mac vs. PC. Android users are jingoistic, knuckle-dragging, male right-wingers who could barely get out of high school and have annoyingly polite telephone manners. The Androidand iPhone users I know are all over the map. Most Android users I know graduated from college, and most iPhone users I know claim they would never, ever text and drive. 

Some interesting factoids from the results:

• Android users are 20 percent more likely to hold conservative political views, while iPhone users are 17 percent more likely to be liberal. iPhone users are also slightly more like to be optimists, and Android users are slightly more likely to be pessimists.

• Android users are more likely to be men, while iPhone users are more likely to be women. Android users “skew 18-34″, while iPhone users are 29 percent more likely to be over 35.

• Android users are 71 percent more likely to have never traveled outside the country (maybe they have a CDMA phone that doesn’t travel well!), while iPhone users are 50 percent more likely to have visited more than five countries.

• iPhone users are more likely to have multiple email addresses, while Android users are more likely to have one. Android users are also less likely to back up their computers, while iPhone users “back up their computer constantly” (maybe because they’re Mac users, running Time Machine).

• iPhone users are 50 percent more likely to text while driving (on that lousy virtual keyboard!), and Android users are 33 percent more likely to answer their phone by saying, “Hi, this is . . . “.

• Android users are 80 percent more likely to only have a high-school diploma, while iPhone users are 37 percent more likely to have a graduate degree. Android users are more likely to live in the ‘burbs or the country, while iPhone users are more apt to be urban dwellers.

• Food preferred by Android users: Sirloin steak, General Tso’s chicken and cheesesteak. Foods preferred by iPhone users: Sushi, pad Thai and Tapas. Android snacks: mini-pizzas, popcorn, chocolate. iPhone snacks: mixed nuts, ginger snaps, yogurt.
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