Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Symantec announced on Thursday the release of its Norton Mobile Security app for Android devices, giving mobile users a free lite version of the company’s popular security suite. The new app called Norton Mobile Security LITE for Android has several antitheft and antimalware features required for protection, but is only a free and stripped version of the more robust Norton Security Suite.

The mobile app allows Android users to remotely lock lost or stolen phones via SMS, scan files and updates for malware, and run Norton’s LiveUpdate in the background for automatic downloads and installations of security updates.

A free Android app that automatically scans downloaded apps and app updates for potential threats, detects and blocks phishing websites or other compromised sites, and "eliminates mobile threats before they can infect your phone," according to its description in the Android app market. Norton Mobile Security Lite is currently available for download in the Android Market. 

To further protect its users against cybercrime and infected Android apps, the anti-virus app includes several aftermarket features that allow users to lock their smartphones via text message, remotely locate stolen or misplaced phones and remotely wipe the contents of their phone. Along with Symantec, AT&T and security firm Juniper Networks are getting into the mobile security game. 

Security firm Symantec is only too aware of this and has released a beta version of Norton Mobile Security that includes not only virus protection, but also other security features such as location locating and remote wiping. Users may resent having security software installed, but it could prove invaluable if you manage to mislay your mobile.
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