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Android Phone Tips
CyanogenMod is known best for tweaking and bringing latest Android builds to phones that don’t officially have it yet. They’ve taken the HP TouchPad, a WebOS-powered tablet and managed to get Android running on it. This bit comes after HP's recent announcement about the closure of their phones and tablet production. The newly-launched TouchPad was a victim of this move and it resulted in its price dropping all over the web. The news of Android coming to the TouchPad should come as great news for those who bought the tablet.

According to a post on RootzWiki , 2D hardware acceleration and touchscreen fixes are first in the list of priorities. The final aim is to create a multi-boot tablet that can boot into Android, WebOS and other operating systems. Now, if only there were more TouchPads available.

Just last week we reported that a HP TouchPad running Android 2.2 was being sold on eBay for $700. The news comes from Rootzwiki, who included a video and a letter from the CM Team related to the project and its recent progress.

The letter explains that the footage is from last week, meaning much progress has been made, many tablet-centric tweaks have been added, and the team is still hard at work making improvements. The letter also indicates that the ultimate goal is a multi-boot functional that allows the user to boot CM7, WebOS, and/or a variety of other OSes concurrently. The current build is based on Gingerbread 2.3.5.
Here is some (older) touchpad progress from Friday. 

Our ultimate vision is to create a *multiboot* solution where the end user will be able to boot into WebOS, Cyanogenmod, and/or other OSes. For the moment though, we need about 4 tablets, as we have talented and experienced developers who cannot contribute effectively due to a lack of hardware.
The CM team  PS- Yes, this is gingerbread (Android 2.3.5). 
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