Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Baidu,Google's Chinese counterpart in search, has announced plans to take Android, strip it of Google's apps and services and replace them with its own under the brand Baidu Yi.  Baidu will target the new Yi OS in competition with Google's mainstream distribution of Android tied to its own apps, other Android variants already in use within China, and alternative mobile OS products like Alibaba, which is not based on Android but aims to run Android apps. 

The new Baidu Yi OS, based on the open foundation code in Android, may run some Android apps but will face more technical barriers than the simple user experience overlays that complicate developers' ability to launch Android apps. Of all Android devices to access Google's App Market over the past two weeks, half are still running last summer's Android 2.2 Froyo and only 30 percent are using Google's latest smartphone release, Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Lenovo's new IdeaPad and HTC's Flyer tablets use Android 2.3 Gingerbread, avoiding the requirements of Android 3.0 but also fragmenting the market for Android tablet apps across three API levels. Dell Inc said on Tuesday it will partner China's top search engine Baidu Inc to develop tablet computers and mobile handsets. Baidu offered a glimpse of its upcoming mobile operating system and launched a new mobile application platform last Friday aimed at bolstering its presence in the increasingly competitive mobile web market.

Dell's Streak 5 tablet is a five-inch Android-based tablet that was discontinued in the United States last month. The Dell-Baidu partnership is one of several announced recently. Global search leader Google announced last month it would pay $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings in a move that will put Google into a lower-margin manufacturing business and pit it against as many as 38 other handset companies that use Google's Android software.

Research in Motion, Nokia and the cable television business are emerging as potential winners after Google announced its deal. If other handset manufacturers shy away from Google's Android system, Nokia and RIM could stand to benefit. Microsoft Corp, which has been touting its Windows software as an alternative to the operating systems of Android and Apple, views are mixed as to the deal's effects.

The yet-to-be-publicly-revealed mobile OS will be called Baidu Yi, and will enable its users to browse, purchase and download applications in similar style to Apple’s App Store or Google’s Android Marketplace. It clearly hopes a new mobile OS and supporting handsets will help it tap into a growing market for online services.

When Google left the Chinese market last year, Baidu managed to pick up the pieces and has emerged with an 80 percent share of the search market. With the largest portion of the Chinese mobile market owning feature phones, a plethora of Chinese internet providers are launching new devices. 
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