Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Those two games were already pretty spectacular, especially the Retina-optimizedMadden 11. Madden 11 is what I'd call a showcase app, especially on the iPad. he calls it "one of the iPad's star games."What's more important is how the game plays, and I think Madden NFL 12 is a blast. 

f you've been waiting for the chance to "feel the excitement of NFL Football, anytime, anywhere," then you're in luck - EA Sports has just released Madden NFL 12, the first Madden game to land in the Android Market. Bringing impressive animation, smooth controls and a host of real NFL teams and players, this game promises to bring everything you love about EA's Madden line to the palm of your hand.

Madden NFL 12 also brings playbooks, stat tracking, and the ability to play through a 16-game season or seasonal playoffs. For football fans who own an Android smartphone and coinciding with the launch of the console launch of Madden NFL 12, the Madden NFL 12 app for Android has now been released to the Android Market that delivers ultra-sharp gameplay along with optimised graphics for Android handsets.

Word of the Madden NFL 12 app for Android becoming available comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phandroid, and with the Madden NFL 12 Android app the user can choose from the 32 NFL teams and play matches in true-to-life stadiums, track statistics, launch winning strategies from in-depth playbooks, and make trades.

User can also pause the action, and using Total Defensive Control place your players in a position to deliver game changing hits, while Action Control Time enables the user to dominate defences with sprints, spins, dives and jukes. Madden NFL 12 for Android also offers multiple modes where the user can relive the 2010/2011 playoffs, or use Season Mode to play through the entire 16 game NFL season, or simply jump right into Exhibition Mode.
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