Now the day has come, and Words with Friends is officially available in the Android App Market. The app has all of the features of the iOS version, and allows you to play with iPhone and iPad users as well as other Android users.

The Android version is brand new, and labeled "Words with Friends Free" in the Android App Market (for free, as the name implies,) which means there may be some paid version of the app on the way soon. The app also is lacking stats and a favorites list, and some Android users report crashes and bugginess on older Android devices, even though officially the app supports Android 1.6 and higher. 

I digress. Words With Friends from Zynga (the makers of several highly popular Facebook games including Farmville) is now available for Android. I have to save all the good words for besting my friends, Zynga the maker of FarmVille, dominates Facebook games with more than 275 million users for its social games. But mobile gaming is another story. Today, it launched the Android mobile device version of its Words With Friends game, the popular iPhone title Zynga recently acquired with the purchase of Newtoy. 

The Scrabble-like word game launched on the Android Market this morning. Zynga launched its first Android game, Zynga Poker, in December. Rivals include DeNA, Glu Mobile, and a variety of other mobile game companies.
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