Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
If you’ve been looking for the best Android experience on 4G for the best price then the new HTC Thunderbolt is for you! This smart phone utilizes the latest Android system (2.2) Which provides an overall quicker experience to make your tasks a breeze! The Thunderbolt comes preloaded with a 32GB MicroSD card as well as 8GB’s of internal memory so you have more than enough space for what you need! 

Although the HTC Thunderbolt is advertised as having 8GB of internal storage, owners are disappointed to see that only 2.5GB of that is usable. The HTC Thunderbolt launches with a 32GB micro-SD card – the average micro-SD card size for high-end phones these days is 8GB.

32GB gives you four times that amount. With Android 2.2, most data-heavy games and applications can be installed to the SD card. The HTC Thunderbolt certainly can live up to its name as the video below shows. In a test conducted by SlashGear, we got a glimpse of the Thunderbolt's Fast Boot capabilities where the Android devices powered up in just ten seconds.

With fast boot the Thunderbolt boots up in 10 seconds but there is also the option to slow boot. Why? As AndroidCommunity explains, "Fast Boot doesn’t just work every time so that if you’ve got apps that might not boot up or load up properly with the Fast Boot, you’ve got the option to boot up in regular mode." 

While we're not sure what apps may not work in Fast Boot mode, we're certain there can't be many otherwise HTC would not have rolled out the feature with the HTC Thunderbolt until it was corrected. At the time of our testing, we couldn't find any apps that behaved strangely when loading from Fast Boot. Essential apps like Gmail, Maps and the native Browser all functions flawlessly. A far cry from Fast Boot but nevertheless not a big deal.
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