Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Time to get crazy, gamble my rent, fill out some brackets, buy a new 65″ LED 240 Hz HDTV. You name it, we all do it when March Madness comes around. Today we here at AC present you with the March Madness Android App Roundup. The next few apps listed are my top pics for March Madness apps on Android.

ESPN’s Bracket Bound is my top pick. It is available now in the Android Market. From news, video’s, highlights, analysis, and even research. It has real time news, scores, and schedule updates. Download it now in the Android Market.

We also have Live Scores. Live Sports is probably my favorite overall app for all things sports. From NCAA, to NFL, NBA, WNBA, NCAA Womens, Tennis, and more. Download it now in the Android Market also. 

Bracket is another good app, not to be confused with Pocket Bracket or Bracket Tracker. Just “Bracket”. This tracker for the March Madness tournament, includes easy editing and score tracking, and live updates. *Note that it does not work well on Tablets Download it now in the Android Market.

Also there is a paid app called Watch Live Sports. I hope a few of these app suggestions help you enjoy March Madness a little more. Sports fans are accustomed to paying for the privilege of watching live games on their mobile devices. If you enter more than one tournament pool, meanwhile, Bracket Bound is more your speed. The app is produced by Turner Sports as part of its collaboration with CBS Sports to televise games. 

Because every contest will be carried live on national TV and online, March Madness on Demand users needn’t worry about the local blackouts that befall users of video-heavy apps in other sports, like pro baseball. March Madness on Demand uses the full breadth of the iPad’s screen to deliver information to nicely complement TV viewing. Each game has a page where, in addition to live video, users can find a running box score, video highlights and team leaders. 

As with any app that plays live video, users should approach this one with measured expectations.  Bracket Bound is nicely designed, and it includes Division I men’s college basketball scores, schedules, news, video, research and the Twitter feed. Even though Android and Apple users get the same features on the app, Android users are at a disadvantage when it comes to video. 

On the Apple devices, the experience was akin to watching TV. Otherwise, Bracket Bound performed in a manner befitting the country’s premier sports media business. The NCAA Fan Zone — March Madness, meanwhile, brings a little smack talk to the mobile lineup. 

The app includes a scoreboard, rankings and team news — all elements that casual users will find valuable — but its most distinct feature is the team-by-team message board, where users post analysis and rants aimed at other fans.  HeyTell, which is free for Android and Apple users, lets users send voice messages with a simple push-to-talk approach. 
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