Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Other minor updates include external docking station support, international cities appearing in the weather application, and finally Spanish and French language support. You can get the latest update for your Viewsonic Tablet by connecting up to WIFI and getting the over the air update.

It’s obviously the weekend for Android updates; first Samsung’s Gingerbread for the Galaxy S, and now a ViewSonic tweak for the company’s GTab Android slate. The latest OTA update isn’t anything as dramatic as a core OS update, but it does add Flash Player support to the 10-inch tablet.

In addition, there’s support for USB keyboard and mouse, which should make content creation on the GTab more straightforward. The company has pushed out the new addition via OTA update to their 10-inch tablet, making it available to all users. 

The new OTA update also provides USB keyboard and mouse support, while several new languages have been added and a lock screen support option for energy-saving is also included. Users will also find support for an external docking station. 
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