Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
The Pyramid is no longer a rumored Android phone. Featuring a 4.3-inch HD (540x960 resolution) Super LCD touch screen, 768MB RAM, 4GB storage, an 8-megapixel camera (1080p HD video), and HDMI and DLNA output, the Sensation 4G will easily rank among T-Mobile's best Android smart phones when it arrives this summer.

TheSensation 4G is the first device to come from HTC which features the new HTC Watch video store. Other notable features in the smart phone include a front-facing VGA camera, an 8GB microSD card, and 1520mAh battery. As far as Android builds go, the Sensation 4G runs 2.3 with the latest release of HTC Sense.  

The HTC Sensation shoulders its way to the front of HTC's Android smart phone pack, with sky-high specs in every category and a refreshed version of HTC's much-loved Sense user interface. From a distance, the Sensation is very similar to the HTC Desire S, with a rounded, aluminium case. The Sensation's display is the same size as the HTC Desire HD's -- 4.3 inches. Powering that big screen is the Sensation's 1.2GHz, dual-core brains. This processor promises plenty of power for Android apps, and puts the Sensation in competition with the Samsung Galaxy S 2, which recently announced a bump up to 1.2GHz dual-core processor speed.

All that power looks likely to come in handy to support the graphics of the refreshed HTC Sense user interface. Swiping between home screens, for example, reveals depth and layers on each HTC-designed widget. Underneath Sense sits Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, the latest version of Google's operating system for smart phones. HTC includes a selection of its own apps on the Sensation, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Watch is a video store that HTC hopes will compare favourably with Apple's iTunes. HTC says the store will have over 600 movies and TV shows when the Sensation arrives in shops.

If you have several HTC phones -- or you invest in the company's upcoming Flyer tablet -- you can share your videos with up to five HTC devices. If you prefer to film your own masterpiece, the Sensation offers 1080p video recording and an 8-megapixel camera. The HTC Sensation makes us feel all tingly inside, with the promise of a huge screen and a speedy dual-core processor. If you’re stranded with a small screened phone to watch videos on while you’re on the go, have no fear! 

The HTC Sensation comes with HD camcording skills, as you’d expect from any flagship smartphone these days. The HTC Sensation’s screen measures a spacious 4.3-inches across, but it stuffs in many more pixels than rivals, so videos you watch back on the move looks sharper than Clark Kent in an Armani suit. 

You’re not restricted to the HTC Sensation’s own screen when it comes to playing back video of your latest daring escapade or foiled heist. HTC Sense 3.0 adorns the Sensation’s Android build like the S on Superman’s cozzie, and it brings a heap of new features to the table, including video editing on an Android phone for the first time. 

The HTC Sensation is the first film to come loaded with HTC Watch, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer’s movies on demand service, stuffed full of the latest titles to rent or buy, and trailers to watch for free. You can even save your purchases in the cloud to watch on other HTC devices. The HTC Sensation’s screen isn’t just bigger and sharper, it’s a shape shifter too. The HTC Sensation is no mere one-super-power-wonder. 
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