Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Augmented Reality App developer Layar has released a new version of its app for Apple iOS and GoogleAndroid platforms. Recently, the advent of Augmented Reality on mobile phones has been tapped with several mobile augmented reality applications. Layar is like an augmented reality browser that integrates location-relevant data and shows them on a live imagery being captured using mobile camera.

Layar CEO Raimo Van der Klein said that Layar 5.0 comes the ability for more interactivity within layers with animation capabilities. New features and refined interface of Augmented Reality browser app is available only to Android and iOS platforms only at this moment. 

Mobile augmented reality company Layar announced version 5.0 of its app, which delivers an improved user interface and adds sharing capabilities through Facebook and Twitter integration. By connecting Layar with Facebook or Twitter accounts, customers can share favourite layers or augmented screenshots with friends. 

The largest open platform in mobile augmented reality, announced its new version 5.0 with an improved user-interface and sharing capabilities to Facebook and Twitter. Layar 5.0 also allows for increased interactivity within layers through its new animation capabilities. Based on user feedback, Layar also made improvements to the user interface. Navigating through content is simplified and the interface is more user friendly. 

Layar v5.0 provides for richer experiences, allowing users to have more interaction with layers and allowing developers to add event-driven animations to points of interest. Easily find your way around different types of augmented reality layers with the completely revamped user interface, offering a four-tab navigation consisting of: favorite layers, recent layers, categories/featured content, and settings. 
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