Android Phone Tips

Android Phone Tips
Windows Phone development team has released a new API designed specifically to help developers port applications made for Android to the new Windows phone 7 platform. Microsoft has launched an application which will help bring popular apps from the Android Market to the Windows Phone 7 based phones.

The new Android Application porting API (Application Programming Interface) will provide a simpler and an easier way of porting applications to the Windows Phone 7 environment. Android Market place today stands tall with having the largest number of application and games for its users. Recently, a similar application mapping tool was launched for the iOS.

In an effort to get more developers on board, Microsoft has unveiled a tool designed to help Android developers port their apps over to Windows Phone. In a blog post yesterday, Microsoft cautioned that there's no "magic wand" for Android developers that can automatically port their apps to Windows Phone. 

The Android to Windows Phone API mapping tool is designed to serve as a translation guide for developers, comparing different program events, classes, and methods in Android with their counterparts in Windows Phone. The new API mapping tool for Android is Microsoft's latest effort to lure even more developers to the Windows Phone platform. 

The iPhone API mapping tool is geared toward Apple iOS developers who want to port their apps to Windows Phone. The company also provides a white paper called the "Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers."
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