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Android Phone Tips
We have written innumerable articles about the smartphone that everybody seems to be talking about, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). We then reported on rumors of a Verizon release (the Function) in July although the source of those rumors later said that they were referring to a different product altogether. 

Now we have news that the Galaxy S2 aka the Samsung Attain for AT&T has been leaked on the Samsung Mobile U.S. Facebook page. The buttons look to be altered from those on the Galaxy S2 released previously and Nguyen points out that they follow the traditional Android button layout, with four capacitive touch buttons. 

Apparently the image was obtained from a SamsungGalaxy S2 accessories album on the Samsung Singapore Facebook page. It follows the pattern of the previous Samsung Galaxy S handset, which also had different branding for different U.S. carriers. 

Now unlike the international version, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 "differs in that it follows the traditional Android button layout. Just beneath the Attain’s screen are four capacitive touch buttons for Android navigation, similar to what is being used on the Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T." For instance, with the Galaxy S, AT&T branded their device the Samsung Captivate while carriers like Sprint named theirs the Epic 4G and Verizon had the Fascinate.

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 will launch as “Samsung Galaxy S2 Attain”, Sprint’s version would be known as “Samsung Galaxy S2 Within ”whiled the VZW would label it as “Samsung Galaxy S2 Function”, as Engadget reports.

Since the VZW spokeswoman quoted that the carrier would launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab in July, the possibilities of it launching the Samsung Galaxy S2 Android phone slightly stand on the verge of being just a misquoted report or speculation or perhaps, it could even turn to be an imperfectly kept secret if that device really launches, that is.

Whatever Samsung wishes to launch on Verizon will seemingly be an interesting affair for Samsung has done fairly well in the mobile computing devices segment loaded with Android OSwith its original Galaxy S smart phone having sold about 14 million units since launch and tablet PCs faring similarly well.
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