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Android Phone Tips
Google said that the "TransitNavigation" feature, presently in beta, has updated access to directions, better suggested search results and a photo viewer to Place pages. Van Der Westhuizen said Google Maps Navigation (Beta) currently provides over 12 billion miles of GPS-guided driving and walking directions per year. Now, he said GPS "stop-by-stop" navigation is available for public transit directions in more than 400 cities worldwide with Transit Navigation. Google pointed out navigation alerts appear even if the user switches to another app.

"Also, Google said selecting the driving or walking icon in a route supported by Google Maps Navigation will let a Navigation icon automatically appear so one can get access to step-by-step directions in one click.

Van Der Westhuizen said Google has also streamlined how to access directions from within a Place page. Before, clicking directions in a Place page would bring up options for “Driving Navigation," “Walking Navigation" and “Directions."

Google also improved the quality and speed of its search suggestions. Google also features a photo viewer for Place pages. Google said the update requires an Android OS 2.1+ device and works anywhere Google Maps is currently available.

Google has promised that public transportation support works in 400 cities, and we can confirm that it doesn’t include Vienna, the capital of Austria. Public transportation was a part of but Wienerlinien the company that takes care of transportation has forced Google to turn off the public transportation mapping support. 

More importantly, some smart chaps from Android Central have found out that you can download at least 10 miles radius on a selected Google maps. For now, you have public transportation in 400 cities but not in Vienna Austria, and 10 miles radius of map to download. 

Although it is still in beta mode, Google Maps 5.7for Android already has over 12 billion miles of GPS-guided driving and walking directions on board. The app utilises the smartphone's GPS function to determine the user's current location along a particular route. After the user inputs the destination, the app will publish alerts about possible transfers and when to disembark.
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